Don’t you wish you had been the one who came up with the idea to sell bottled water for one-to-two bucks.  I can imagine the conversation.  “So you want to sell bottled water for $1.59 when a person can pour it from their tap for what?  Three cents?”  “Heck yeah,  we’ll give the consumer the illusion the water came from a natural spring from an exotic island in the South Pacific.”  “Did you say spring water from an island?”  “Exactly, let’s see Mr. or Mrs. Consumer get that from their tap!”  “But we’re not really going around the world to collect the water?”  “Oh, heck no!  We’ll pour it from the tap like everyone else.  I mean, water is water!”

And as they say, the rest is history.  Ever since Ponce de Leon, man has searched for that magic elixir that does more than just hydrate and now we have it.  With the simple illusion created on a label and a dollar at a time,  someone out there is sitting on millions from that mystical magical fountain.  And to that I say,  “great idea, I wish I had come up with it!”




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