In a Rut


To me, “local” is this little bird’s perch, Sheldon’s couch cushion on the Big Bang Theory, that thing in our lives we often refer to as a “rut”.  That “rut” provides a sense of comfort we can’t get anywhere else.  It’s the sense of knowing what to expect and not fearing surprise from the unknown.

Sure we have to step out of our “ruts” and explore, travel, experience new things if we want to grow and develop ourselves into better beings.  But it’s the “base”, our “local selves”, the “rut” which gives us assurance there is comfort waiting for us when we need a break from all this exploring and experiencing which can leave us stretched and tired.

 So that “rut”, “local”, “comfort zone” (whatever you want to call it) is a good thing…   No, it’s a great thing!


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