Conversations from the mount..

I hope it’s not too soon to make a Lincoln joke.  Anyway, I can only imagine what their conversation might be like today.  Washington would say, “our President did…what today?” Followed by Jefferson asking, “what the hell is Twitter?” Roosevelt, in a disgusted tone, would say, “am I going to spend the rest of eternity staring at Lincoln’s nose!” While Abe would just shake his head in disapointment.



  1. Trump would not lower himself to have his likeness added to Mount Rushmore because it has four other presidents on it. He’d have to have his own mountain on which to have his head carved. As Trump would say, “It would be the greatest mountain. Believe me. I deserve the best mountain. Everyone says so — Putin, Kim Jong Un, Andrew Jackson. Everyone but CNN, the failing New York Times, and fake news.”

    I have perfect name for it, too: Mount Gushmore.

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