When I saw the daily prompt was “savage”, I immediately thought… now this is one of those words we don’t freely use anymore.  Certain words which may represent an offensive meaning to some groups have been literally banned from our vocabulary  (as in, PC dictates what words can and can’t be used).  Over the past several years we have seen many schools across the country change their mascot’s names from “Savages” to lesser offensive names (and rightfully so… though I’m not one of those PC guys).

But there seems to have been a line drawn between what names can be used and what can’t.  Apparently that line was drawn between the names of “Savages” and “Redskins”.  Though I still don’t understand how people can feel like the “R” word is acceptable.  I guess it remains consistent with the hypocracy we have accepted from Washington DC.  The Native Americans have never caught a fair break from the powers that be in Washington.  I’m 1/16th Native American, not enough to be considered an Indian but enough to find the “R” word offensive (and I guess the “S” word, if used to describe a race of people).

 Now on a happier note – let’s not forget “Savage Garden” (a pop duo from the late 90’s).  As a product of the 70’s and 80’s, I grew up listening to the likes of AC/DC, Black Sabath and Judas Priest,  so why did I like a “pop duo” from the 90’s?… I’ll never know but let’s not repeat this to anyone.

 And with that!  My rambling rant on the word “savage” is over!




    1. I guess part of my dislike for Washington stems from growing up a Cowboy’s fan. With so much Player movement now, I’m more of a fan of which player will get me the most fantasy points and not so much a fan of any particular team (kinda sad)

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  1. Truly Madly Deeply 🎶💛 I have no idea how do I even know the band, but you mentioning it reminded me of the song and I’m playing it on loop 🙂

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