A reason to scream…

I was thinking about Edvard Munch’s famous painting, The Scream, and wondered who really has earned the right to scream?  The answer came immediately… Teachers!  My wife is a fifth grade English teacher, bless her soul, so I can speak with a certain amount of reason.  Teachers are underpaid, under appreciated and have to deal with all the misguided regulations heaped on by both the state and federal governments (regulations created by people who have never spent a day in their shoes).  So what’s a teacher to do?image


… But only after school.  One day my wife told me another teacher stopped by her room right after school let out and said, “TTB!”.  To which my wife asked what “TTB” meant… “three thirty beer!”



  1. Tomorrow at exactly three-thirty p.m. (my time), I will pop open a beer as a sign of respect for your wife and all of the other underpaid, under appreciated teachers out there. Cheers!


  2. You’ve put such a strong message so humorously. Keep writing. I’m loving your blog. Also much respect to your wife and all the teachers out there. Cheers! 🙂


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