Caper of the Century!

NASA pulled off the caper of the century.  But nothing escapes my intense research and this cartoon showing a missed first take of the moon landing is convensing that the moon landing did indeed take place on a Hollywood backlot.  Working on a narrow budget, Armstrong had bragged that he could do the shot in one take.  Obviously he screwed up his first line.  It actually took 17 takes and at one point, Buzz Aldrin joked that it might have been easier to have actually gone to the moon.

Now if the moon landing was the caper of the century (that would be the 20th century), what is the caper of this century?  An early front runner would have to be how Putin pulled off the 2016 US Presidential election against enormous odds.  Obviously that was a yuge caper!



  1. It is estimated that one out of every fifteen people think the moon landing was a hoax and most of these unbelievers are Americans. The people that think it legitimately happened do not get the same amount of attention as the doubters so thinking this was a caper is probably just going to keep on growing in popularity.

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  2. Ah, yet another conspiracy theorist. And the government was behind the destruction of the World Trade Centers on 9/11 and the Sandy Hook school shootings were staged by actors.

    I do believe, though, that the 2016 presidential election is all a bad dream — nightmare, actually — from which I’m bound to wake up sooner or later.

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