All right, it’s just a cartoon.  No pig was actually butchered and ground up into sausage.

This reminded me of a story though.  One day I was reading a history book about the early collages in America.  I read where the tuition to early day Harvard was often payed with a cow or other livestock.  Now with two kids in collage I started thinking… Was this a good deal or not?  How much does a cow sell for?  I googled this question and found an interesting website of a rancher.  He said that some show cattle are worth up to $30,000.00 (this would be the Ivy League cows).  Feeder calves may cost $800-$900 (a great deal if this covered tuition for a semester).  But then he went on to tell of the time he sold a sick cow (hopefully not mad cow disease) to a taco meat factory for twelve dollars… Yes, $12.00! So then every time I suggested going to a fast food Mexican restaurant, I asked my kids if they wanted some of those twelve dollar cow tacos.  It makes you kind of wonder how much a chicken destined to someday be a bunch of nuggets sells for… Maybe being a vegetarian isn’t such a bad idea!




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