Off to see the Wizard?

The key word to this cartoon is gullible.  Admit it or not – everyone has fallen victim to this at one time or another in their life.

I was surfing around the internet (is the term surfing still good?) earlier today and came across a pop-up which said I had won a $1,000 gift card from Wal-mart.  I usually ignore these traps but for some unknown reason I was bitten by the gullible bug (I mean, Wal-mart is a legit company -what’s the harm in responding).  You less guillible people know where this is going… yes,  all I had to do was complete a (short?) survey and the gift card was mine.  I was never asked my ss# or checking Acct # (I’m not that guillibe) but I did have to look at several internet offers for various products and services.  I eventually got lost in all the promotions and gave up on the gift card but somewhere along the way – I signed up for 3 free months of Apple Music (I was considering this anyway),  I’m now receiving store coupons to my phone and I believe I’ve either activated a reverse mortgage on my home or have an information package being sent to my home explaining the process of reverse mortgage.

Well anyway, if I could travel down that proverbial  yellow brick road and reverse all the mistakes I’ve made from being guillible (or stupid) in my lifetime,   I surely would!



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