The birds and the bees…

The daily prompt was “bumble”.  I immediately connect “bumble” to “bumble bee” and this to “the birds and the bees”.  Then I start questioning why “the birds and the bees” has become the metaphor for “procreation”.  I get the whole “pollination/egg/hatching” thing but this is a pretty loose comparison to “people and procreating”.  As a kid, I understood the whole “sex education” thing before I understood the whole “birds and bees” thing.  To clear up this confusion, let me break this comparison down further… Think of “pollen” as “sperm” and “egg” as “placenta” and “hatching” as (what we call in the medical community) call “SVD” (spontaneous vaginal delivery).  Now explain all this to a fifth grader.  Pretty clear?… Maybe we should just call it “the birds and the bees” and let kids connect all the dots when they’re in their late teens/ early 20s… they’ll “bumble” along but eventually figure it out!

 addendum:  What would be a better metaphor than “the birds and the bees?”  Years ago while driving through the country, my wife’s niece (she was three at the time) asked, “Auntie, why are those pigs wrestling?”  So maybe, “pigs wrestling” would make a better metaphor.




    1. Seems like a nice way out, don’t tell your kids to do it like mom and dad did it, tell them to do it like the bees do it, or like the birds do it, and as far as your kids are concerned, they don’t kneed to know that mom and dad do it (that info will just make them sick)

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