A tailor made cartoon…

The daily prompt was “tailor”.  I started looking through my stack of cartoons and nothing rang any bells.  “Tailor” was not even remotely involved in any cartoons I’ve drawn in 30 years.  There was certainly nothing tailor made to fit the prompt.  Then I stumbled across this cartoon.  The original caption read, “take me to your leader!”  I next thought, it’s even less likely on a deserted, to find a tailor than it would be to find a leader.  So I had my caption.  To find the right cartoon to match the daily prompt, I often have to tailor an existing cartoon to match my needs.  So if you don’t find these cartoons humorous, don’t blame me, it’s the fault of the daily prompt (they need to come up with funnier words).  Give me some words like – turd, taco, toilet or tambourine.  You may ask what’s funny about “tambourine” – it’s something that makes you happy when you shake it (surely there’s a cartoon in there somewhere!)




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