Summer suggestion…

Ok, I’m not suggesting we go out and panhandle for the summer.  My suggestion is buried far more deeply in this cartoon.  In fact, it is so deep, don’t even try to figure it out on your own.? Just listen (or actually read).  The little guy to the left is carrying a sign saying, “need gas $$ to get to Amarillo!” So the first clue is Amarillo.  Now what’s in Amarillo?…its hot and dry and totally surrounded by the Texas panhandle… so really nothing of interest lies in Amarillo… but wait… there’s the “Big Texan Steak Ranch”… isn’t that the home of the 72oz steak challenge (you know – if you eat the whole thing, it’s free)… we’re getting closer but still not there… where else have we seen a similar steak challenge?… remember the “Ol’ 96er?”… we’re almost there… as in the 96 oz steak John Candy ate in the movie “The Great Outdoors”…ding! ding! ding!  “The Great Outdoors” is the 1988 film starring John Candy and Dan Aykroid… We all know the film and yes, I know it did not play to rave reviews but still I love this movie… Remember the line John Candy yelled when being drug behind the “kick ass” sky boat, “you bastard, you bastard” while Uncle Roman (Aykroid) thought he said, “go faster, go faster!”  So my suggestion would be, if you haven’t seen the movie in the past decade or so, watch it again this summer!  And as a lessen, be very careful when someone offers you a suggestion, you may not want to trust a guy who draws cartoons for a hobby!




  1. I remember seeing that John Candy movie. I just can’t for the life of me remember anything about it, including the 96 oz steak. I guess getting old will do that to you. Sad!


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