The secrets to successful blogging…

This is Leo, my son’s cat.  But since my son’s been away to collage, I basically have been responsible for feeding and changing his litter box   (which technically makes Leo my cat).

My son’s responsibility pretty much ended after naming Leo.  Leo is short for Leonidas, so the name is fairly fitting – assuming Leonidas layed around a lot and got fat.  But if you know anything about history, Leonidas was the Spartan king that died in the battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C. against the Persians (rememember the movie “300”).  As legend  had it, Leonidas was a descendant of the demigod Heracles.  As I think about it, Leo the cat really isn’t much like his namesake but he did defend our home one night from the attack of a small mouse.

At this point you’re wondering what our cat has to do with being a successful blogger… keep reading,  I’ll eventually get there.

 I’ve been blogging now for about three weeks (more like posting cartoons and discussing them).  But along this three week journey, I’ve made some critical observations which I’ll share.

Sussessful blogging is all about the ABCs.  “A” stands for Always blog – if you don’t post a blog then you won’t get any views (fairly simple).

“B” stands for Better content.  When the bloggers I follow state they’ve been at it for years, it’s usually obvious from their content why they’ve been successful.  Their posts are interesting and informative.  They’re probably not going to be writing about their house cat… or are they?  Now this leads to “C”! (I’m about to give away the secret – see how I’m building this up, you really want to know the secret, don’t you?)

Ok! “C” stands for cats!  There, I’ve given you the secret to successful blogging.  In three weeks of blogging and posting cartoons I’ve covered a wide range of topics.  With each post or cartoon, I would think, now there’s a funny cartoon,  but then I would get only two or three responses.  Sure, someone in India or Australia might like it but I wasn’t lighting any fires across the globe until one day!  A couple of days ago I posted a cartoon about a cat and the floodgates of approval opened up and the positive responses started pouring in (do you like the figurative language in this sentence).  My views didn’t just bump up, they quadrupled.  No other subjects I had covered caused such positive viewer response.  A cartoon about Trump – nothing, a cartoon about birds – nothing, a cartoon about dogs – nothing (well there were a few likes from North Korea and the comments of “looks delicious” but otherwise nothing) but a cartoon about cats and my wordpress statistics went bezerk.  I had discovered the secret to successful blogging – blog about cats!  And so that’s what I’ll do.IMG_0036The real Leo the cat!  As I look at this, he does kind a resemble a demigod.  And for my next post , I’m going to give you another picture of Leo with a pissed off look, it’s really good, you’ll see!

So for successful blogging – “A”lways blog, give “B”etter content and blog about “C”ats!😺😺😺



  1. Damn. I have a cat. I wish I’d known about this sooner. But I also have a dog. So maybe the secret to successful blogging should be “ABCD,” where the “D” is for “dogs.” I know our dog is very jealous when we pay more attention to our cat than to our dog.

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