Is a healthy diet edible?

Is a healthy diet edible?  I might answer this with a “not so enthusiastic – sort of”.  “Edible”, being the daily word prompt, contrasts greatly from yesterday’s prompt, “savor”. Now if you ask me if a healthy diet is “savory”, my answer is a resounding, No!  For a healthy, low calorie lunch, I was taking a low carb, whole wheat wrap, adding a low fat slice of turkey, some lettuce and a dab of mustard.  As I ate this, I realized it was about as satisfying as eating a rolled up piece of cardboard.   Maybe slightly more edible than cardboard but certainly no tastier.  Let’s take a look at kale.  Now if it’s cooked like greens, smothered in bacon fat, yum!  But to be eaten in its healthiest form, raw, yuck!  You might as well just go eat some leaves from a tree.  But being at the top of the food chain, we as humans know what’s right and what’s healthy, so we’ll keep eating those marginally “edible” cardboard wraps, salads (without ranch dressing) and raw kale.  No one ever said life was going to be easy, at least at mealtime.




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