Disastrous in many ways…

The daily promp is “disastrous”.  What two things are more disastrous than a bad dad joke and… well, what we’ve seen so far from our President.

A bad dad joke is like that wreck on the interstate.  We fear it’s bad and don’t want to look but we just can’t help ourselves from slowing down and rubbernecking.  Let’s just admit that at some primal level, bad dad jokes are humorous.

Now at no level can we say,  what has taken place in Washington is humerous.  No, this is just disastrous!  I could mention the wall, the Russians, FBI firings, Junior, Trumpcare, immigration, climate responsibility, late night tweets, handshakes… how long has he been President? 6 months?… but the man has gotten in a lot of golf so he must be doing something right.

“Disastrous” is a term we are all too familiar with as people on this Earth.  Let’s just hope and pray that someday this word will become rarely used or thought of!  Pretty lofty hopes, I’m afraid.




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