A Frog?

What’s green and croaks? The traditional answer is a frog but my mind often veers from the traditional.  A pickle is definitely green and once that little cuc was cut from the vine, you could say it croaked.  So a pickle is really just a poor little dead cucumber that was drowned in vinegar. Slice up the pickle and layer it on a hamburger – now that’s a tradition (just don’t forget the mustard).



  1. How about “What’s green and soaks?” You know that a pickle is but a cucumber that is soaked in grind or vinegar, right? But then you’d lose the frog thingie. I’ll just shut up now.

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  2. Here in Florida there are a lot of elderly people and many of them just come down here to get away from the cold winters and they are called snow birds. The others are called frogs because they stay here all the time remaining in Florida till they croak.

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