Dress for success…

When the President read this joke he smiled but carefully worded his reply.  “That’s right, I do dress for success and I have been totally successful – just look at the election results, if you subtract the 3 million illegal votes, I win the popular vote bigger and yuger than any President since Abe Lincoln.  Maybe I should be on a coin but nothing little like a penny, more like a ten dollar coin.  And with me as President, everyone’s pockets will be jingling with those coins!  And there is nothing wrong with dressing up to impress my good Russian friend (but no collusion).  Crooked Hillary would wear a pant suit.  What would that say? It would say I’m weak.  Hillary’s weak, I’m great and there was nooo collusion!”

ps – this is fake news, we all know DT wouldn’t write a response that doesn’t fit on a tweet!





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