Bad Dad Joke of the Day #3

Day three and going strong!  I talked my little comedian into dropping the fake glasses and mustache but he still refuses to show his face.  So we settled on a “cooler” look,  the ol’ Blues Brother’s look.  Now I hope you don’t take this cartoon the wrong way.  I’m not trying to show any disrespect to the Queen.  In fact, I’m not implying any specific queen at all (but I guess it had to be a queen since 1775 – the date of the first flush toilet). The patent for the flush toilet was given to Alexander Cummings.  Prior to this, the queens would have used “squat toilets” (now that’s a disrespectful image).  Thomas Crapper (often given credit for the invention) actually popularized the flush toilet in the late 19th century as a manufacturer of these flush toilets.  He did patent the “ballcock” which is still used today (I wouldn’t google ballcock if I were you).  And yes, I have used my ballcock today and I might add- quite successfully!  Thank you Thomas Crapper… and that ends my “crappy” post for the day!



  1. I have dropped some turds in my day which I felt were destined for the record books. I guess that the fake nose was part of the glasses. The chamber pot allowed people the convince of not leaving their house and having to walk to a nearby field or forest every time they needed to go, and this invention was even better if it was raining or in the middle of the night! However it as probably not such a great job having to empty it out or clean it afterward.

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