Deja vu?

If you read yesterday’s cartoon for the daily promp, “hidden”, then you may recognize today’s cartoon (same pic different line).  Today’s promp is “shallow”.  Now humor me as I explain.  Yesterday I ended my name association with Kevin Bacon.  So I’ll start from there.  Kevin Bacon is certainly 6 degrees from Jack Black who stared in the movie “Shallow Hal”.  Hence the prompt, “shallow”. So just work backwards from here to Jack Sparrow and hense again, today’s cartoon with Joe Pirate!  Simple? And once again I’ve completely butchered a daily prompt! There will be a pop quiz at the end of the hour over these last two daily prompt cartoons (no calculators please).




  1. This cartoon is making me experience a depersonalization which is characterized by feelings of unreality and strangeness about these two birds along with an estrangement and alienation that is causing me intense anxiety, stress and fatigue and this is not just because of Kevin Bacon, but the fact that you could relate him to Jack Black, Shallow Hal, Jack Sparrow and Joe Pirate so eloquently.

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