Sidewalk casserole?

Tuna cassarole, not to offend tuna casserole lovers, was one of my least favorite meals growing up! Now that this post launches my public vendetta against tuna casserole, raw onions and meat loaf need to watch out!



  1. I think that onions are just plain evil and I developed a taste-aversion to them early in my childhood. My behavior may seem strange to those people that like onions, but my taste buds are constantly signaling my brain not to eat or even smell them because they are foul, putrid and vile. Onions are sneaky, as you never know what food they will be lurking in, until you get that horrible sensation in your mouth that makes you gag.

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  2. Funny and terrific vendetta. Mum used to pretend tuna was chicken casserole when I was little. Wondered why it tasted awful when I usually liked chicken. And as for meatloaf and raw onions. The food of nightmares (indigestion).

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